“The Balda Family Foundation extends their reach far beyond the scholarship check, providing advice, assisting with networking opportunities, and fostering a sense of community that opens countless doors. When you receive an award from the Balda Family Foundation, you become a member of a unique family of scholars and professionals, each with a genuine interest in helping you reach your goals.”

“The Balda Family has been a second family and support system for me these past four years as I always knew they were a simple phone call away. They motivated me to spend my finances responsibly and give the necessary time toward my academic career. I couldn’t have imagined these last few years without being a Balda Scholar.”

“It has been an amazing experience to be part of BFF. I feel more connected to local Brevard students and to the community. It’s always a great reminder that no matter where I go, my home will always be in Brevard. The support from BFF has been life-changing.”

“They don’t just want to succeed at school but they also want to succeed at life as well. That is one of my favorite things about this scholarship.”