About Us

In 1955, at age 14, Mr. Ricardo A. Balda left Ecuador to attend a boarding school in Canada that split classes between English and French. Neither of which was his native language, making it even more challenging to achieve educational success. Mr. Balda was not the best student, but he was determined. His tenacity earned him a spot at an engineering university in the United States where he went on to be the first college graduate in his family. Ultimately, he settled, in Melbourne, FL where he earned considerable success. When asked about his journey to success, Mr. Balda credited both his education, and the people of Melbourne, FL. He understood that by inspiring one person to receive an education, you could lift up many. It was with that in mind the Balda Family Foundation was established in 2007 by Ricardo A. Balda, and his four adult children. The Foundation aims to motivate, inspire and educate academically promising, and underserved youth in Brevard County, FL, who take a special interest in the STEM subjects by providing them with educational opportunities and college scholarships.